Wednesday, January 29, 2014

6 Months

Heath's sleep this month has been very sporadic. At times, he would sleep through the night. At other times he would sleep for 30min then wake up in his crib crying and rolling over and wouldn't go back to sleep until we would pick him up and rock him back to sleep. Heath would then proceed to wake up every hour for a few nights. Some nights Heath would wake up after sleeping for 5 hours. Some nights he would wake up after sleeping for 8 hours. The inconsistency wore on me, but Heath's sleeping habits have definitely become more predictable. 
Heath celebrated his first Christmas!! It was such a wonderful day filled with a lot of family time. We skyped with my parents in the morning and Dan's parents in the afternoon, so we got to celebrate Christmas the entire day. Heath played baby Jesus at the FHE the Monday night before Christmas. Due to the timing of the FHE, Heath had a little meltdown since it was his bedtime, but we managed to have a great time. 
Heath doesn't like anything that causes loud noises (blender, vacuum, popcorn machine, etc)
Heath likes to suck on his bath toys and stand up in the bath to touch the faucet. He loves to play with anything that he knows he's not typically allowed to hold. One of his favorite toys is his simethicone dropper. He likes to teeth on the rubber top. 
On December 29th, Heath cut his second tooth. When we manage to get Heath to take his tylenol, he is an angel, otherwise he fusses a lot due to the pain. He's gotten so much better at taking medicine especially when we let him hold the dropper. 
Heath has on occasion lifted up on his hands and knees to crawl, but is not consistent. He loves to roll over and is pretty content with rolling over as his mode of transportation. 
Heath loves to sit on the porch with me and watch the cars go by. I tell him what type of vehicle is driving by and what color it is. 
Heath loves books. Reading can usually hold his interest for a good 10-15 min. He especially likes to suck on his new, "Family" book that his Grandma Julie made for him. 
Heath celebrated his first New Years in St. Augustine. We had dinner with friends from Jacksonville and then spent the night at some friends from Omaha who now live in St. Augustine. It was a great time!
Heath had his 6mo shots and did great. He didn't seem bothered by them after the initial injections. He is 27.5 inches long and 19.4lbs., which lands him at around the 80th percentile. 
I am now teaching the Sunbeams and CTR 4 class at church, so Dan watches Heath while I teach. Heath has been doing pretty good with having Dan watch him especially now that church conflicts with Heath's nap time. 
Heath is sitting up really well. When he falls over and loses his balance, he typically catches himself with his shoulder. 
Although Heath is too big to actually sit in the swing, he loves to sit in front of his swing and watch the mobile go around and around. 
Heath slobbers when he sleeps. It's so cute to find a puddle on his sheets after his nap. 
Heath has blue eyes and blonde hair with extra long eyelashes like Dan. 
Around January 7th, I noticed Heath started displaying intense separation anxiety. If I left the room, even for just a moment, he would start to cry until I popped my head back in the room so he could see me. 
Heath loves to be around other kids! He likes to watch them play, but once they try to hold him, he's had enough. 
Heath likes to be played with one-on-one. He doesn't like to be set on the floor with his toys. I need to be actively engaged in play with him or he cries, so it's really hard for me to get much done :) 
Heath still loves "Old McDonald" and "The Wheels on the Bus" with lots and lots of animal noises. 
Heath has started to put his arms out to me when I put my arms out to hold him. It's not perfected, but it's a start :) 
Heath likes to sit on the top bunk in our spare bedroom and pull at the yarn ties on the quilt. 
Heath likes to learn cause and effect. He throws his toys and spoons of the edge of his tray and watch for it fall. He likes us to turn on and off the lights with the switch. 
Heath finds it hilarious when Dan pretends to sneeze. He laughs SO hard! It's simply adorable!
Heath likes to have me hold him after his early morning feeding, but I've been bringing him to bed with me so I can get some extra sleep. I hope it doesn't cause him to want to sleep with me all the time, but he sleeps so much better when we sleep together. 

Heath loves for us to whistle through straws. Heath loves to hold straws in his mouth. He loves raspberries blown on his legs, tummy, neck, and arms. 
Heath loves to sit up in the baby seats in grocery carts. He smiles from ear to ear and looks all around. 

Heath loves to walk while holding our fingers and is getting stronger and stronger.  
I've been crawling around the house so Heath can see how to crawl. Heath just smiles at me. He must realize it's not my typical mode of transportation. 
Randomly Heath may say, "mada."
Heath can scoot around in a circle on his hands with his legs lying flat on the ground. Heath stands up from his chair by reaching out for my hands. So cute!!!
Heath likes to eat pieces of bread.  
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